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Episode 17

Published on:

7th Jul 2023

Nigerian Cinema: Past, Present & Future with Motunrayo Ojo [Side A]

Motunrayo Ojo is a film enthusiast, who finds joy in engaging with Nigerian and foreign films.

Mo shares her deep love for art and entertainment. Her passion lies in movies and literature, which she consumes voraciously and enjoys discussing and analyzing with friends. She appreciates Nigerian films for their portrayal of Nigerian identity and culture. Mo emphasizes the significance of engaging with various art forms and maintaining curiosity to enhance understanding. Mo discusses the delicate balance between making money and creating meaningful content.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Analyzing and critiquing films, focusing on structure and storytelling

2. Discussing diminishing returns with the cost of movie tickets 

3. Importance of audience education and critic's responsibility





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